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I am a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, with a Jungian background. My Masters Thesis was on Jung and the Shadow and over 30 years of therapeutic work, in three continents, as well as 10 years with Physis, under the late Petruska Clarkson. I was trained in the United States and furthered my training in the UK. I undertook my placement at the Isis Centre in Oxford and the Oxford Brooks University before setting up a practice in Reading, as well as doing presentations for professional bodies, researching and writing books in the field.

My approach to client work is that the client decides on what mode of approach works for them, and a model is then built around the “structure” of the client. This is negotiated by how the client absorbs the one to one interaction and the emotional language of the client.

The approaches are Integrative, integrating Person Center, CBT, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis or structuralism approaches. The forms of therapy may be short term counseling, (under six sessions) or long term psychotherapy (generally over eight sessions).

I have gone on to construct and developed an approach called Skiatism, which is an approach that transcends cultural biases, as it can be put into any culture without diluting the content of the interaction. My e-book entitled In Bed With My Therapists gives a wider grounding about this process, developed from experience of three continents to which I have travelled and lived as an Author, Trainer and a Psychologist for the past 30 years.

I have counselled in the areas of Mental Health, Ageing, ethnicity, Race & culture.

Samuel Ochieng

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