The Art of Loving

This is a summary of my Book. It is for singles, partners, marrieds and for those thinking of or preparing for marriage. It is an educational book and at the same time provides self-help tools to help you in your current or future relationship – from an experienced Relationship Therapist.

What do you do and what happens when your whole world – as you know it – comes toppling down. All the foundations which society say are important such as career, professionalism, marriage, finance, children, house, health, Churchlife & social life as you know them and quality of life are shaken to their core.

Chapter 1: First thing first

Chapter 2: Masks and games people playebook jpeg image

Chapter 3: Pain hurts

Chapter 4: Unconscious needs which influence the journey – some tools

Chapter 5: Not ready yet for change – Changing your mind (1)

Chapter 6: Ready now – Changing your mind (2)

Chapter 7: Stages of change

Chapter 8: Conflicts

Chapter 9: LOVE: Rebuilding, Refreshing, Resurrecting, Rekindling, Refreshing

Chapter 10: Love me in five ways (1)

Chapter 11: Love me in five ways (2)

Chapter 12: Love me in five ways (3)

Chapter 13: Love me in five ways (4)

Chapter 14: Love me in five ways (5)

Chapter 15: When the Five loves disappearbuy

Chapter 16: Communication or Miscommunication? (1)

Chapter 17: Communication or Miscommunication? (2)

Chapter 18: Communication or Miscommunication? (3)

Chapter 19: A Lifetime love affair. A tall order or realistic?

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